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Alessandro Ibanez

CEO / USA Loans President

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NMLS ID: 178765


Alessandro Ibanez is a devoted father of two and a musician at heart. He was born in Trujillo, Peru, and left his native country at 16. He attended a Virginia high school, Washington Lee, and later began working in the mortgage sector. Alessandro was promoted to a specific department due to his aptitude for problem-solving, where he gained knowledge of the entire house finance process. His principles and newfound information served as the foundation for the development of USA Loans. Alessandro's goal in life isn't happiness; it's to help those in need. It entails being beneficial, honorable, compassionate and positively impacting everyone. He never gives up on people, and he never lets them give up.

What do you love the most about being a loan officer?

The idea of making the impossible possible, we care about each transaction as if it was our own. I focus on the relationship rather than actual transaction, this way we create fans for life.






Areas of Expertise

FHA, Conventional, TAX ID.

99% of getting good at something is being consistent.