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About Non-QM Loans

The non-QM loan is an excellent financing option for those who do not comply with the rules of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

It offers a variety of options to borrowers that have gone through credit issues such as bankruptcy or foreclosures in the past. It’s a perfect loan for investors with no bank statement, a tax ID (ITIN), or income documentation.

More about Non-QM Loans

Non-QM Loan Programs


Loan amounts up to $2 million. No income or job verification. 5yr/ 7yr ARM & 30-year Fixed. Only non-owner occupied.


Loan amounts up to $1 million. 80% maximum LTV Purchase. 80% maximum LTV Refinance. 2-year income history.

Jumbo Non-QM

Loan Amounts up to $4M. Available with a 650+ FICO. Transferred appraisals & Foreign National.

Foreign National

Loan amounts up to $2 million. No income or credit required. Only Non-Owner Occupied & 1 to 4-unit properties.

Jumbo Prime

Transferred Appraisals OK. No MI, Impounds can be waived. C/O up to $500K.

12-Months Bank Statements

Up to $4 million Loan Amounts. 600 or greater credit scores. Self-Employed and 1099 Borrowers.


  • No, to qualify for non-QM loans, you must meet certain property and income requirements.

  • No, a non-QM loan is available to both recurrent and first-time homebuyers.

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